Best WordPress HR Management Plugins 2023 (Compared)

Best WordPress HR Management plugins

This post is about top WordPress HR management plugins that offers a powerful and user-friendly means of managing all aspects of HR, from recruitment to retirement. So, let’s start discovering the best WordPress HR plugins and how they transform HR operations.

The traditional manual approach to HR management is no longer sufficient, prompting businesses to seek more efficient and streamlined solutions. This is where WordPress HR management plugins come into play, offering a powerful and user-friendly means of managing all aspects of HR, from recruitment to retirement.

However, due to having abundant WordPress HR management plugins, finding the right fit for your organization is somewhat confusing. Don’t worry, here we’ll talk about two powerful WordPress HR plugins for your business. So, let’s start discovering the best WordPress HR plugins and how they transform HR operations.

What is a WordPress HR Management Plugin?

WordPress HR management plugin refers to software that handles all HR-related activities for better employee management from hiring to retirement. The main purpose of these plugins is to simplify and streamline the HR tasks of an organization.

Benefits of Using a WordPress HR Management Plugin

WordPress HRM plugin facilitates your overall human resource management activities by introducing automation and intelligent data processing. This lets you escape from the tedious traditional HR management by offering numerous advantages. Here are some of the benefits of adopting a WordPress HR plugin in your business:

  1. Centralized dashboard: It centralizes all employee data in one place to get a quick overview of all employee information. Therefore, you can easily access and manage all employee details without facing any difficulties.
  2. Flexible recruitment opportunities: The WordPress HR management system offers the easiest employee recruiting option by providing professional job posting templates, accepting online applications, and tracking candidates. From job posting to onboarding, it takes care of everything. 
  3. Easy performance tracking: You can seamlessly track employee attendance and monitor their activities using these HRM systems. 
  4. Effective communication: A communication gap can be a barrier to achieving success. However, these tools ensure to establish better communication among your employees, management, and HR so that you can accomplish your business goals.
  5. Error-free data management: HR tools store all data in one place so that you can get access to those whenever you need them. Besides, since it’s a computerized system there are fewer chances of having errors.
  6. Self-service: The WordPress HR plugin can empower employee activities by providing the self-service option. For example, they can update their task-related information without seeking assistance from HR. This reduces the administrative burden on HR staff. 
  7. Data-driven reports: It tracks employee data such as their attendance, leave, etc, and based on this information, it generates employee performance reports. Further using these reports, you can set incentives, rewards, etc to boost their performance.

The Best WordPress HR Management Plugins

Here we’ll talk about two rising HRM solutions that can come with all essential features to streamline your HR activities. One is Crew HRM, the most efficient WordPress job board plugin and another one is WP ERP which is a full-fledged HR software. Learn more about these two HRM plugins:

Crew HRM

CrewHRM is one of the best WordPress HR plugins

Crew HRM appears to be a comprehensive WordPress Job Board Plugin designed to simplify the recruitment process. Promising to become WordPress’s top HRM solution, Crew HRM boasts a robust dashboard that provides an overview of the entire organization, stress-free schedules, and essential data for decision-making. 

The plugin features advanced job posting capabilities with templates, customizable hiring flows, and the ability to assign collaborators for efficient reviewing. Its aim is to be a single platform for managing all recruitment and HR activities.

Key Features of Crew HRM:

  • It has a dynamic dashboard to monitor and manage all organizational statistics in one place.
  • Crew HRM includes a super-friendly scheduling system with a call option. And all those schedules are well organized in a calendar.
  • You can arrange a virtual meeting whenever you want with a single click.
  • This WordPress staff management plugin comes with highly professional job posting templates that you can customize as you prefer and save for future use.
  •  You can also streamline job post reviews by assigning team members.
  • It introduces a candidate profile where all info related to the specific candidate will be shown. 
  • This HRM plugin for WordPress ensures comprehensive communication and collaboration through Candidate Inbox and Activity Log.
  • It’s shortcode-supported that allows you to display job posts anywhere on your website using shortcodes.
  • Applicants can search for job posts using criteria and keywords.
  • Zoom and Google Meet integrations are available in this free WordPress HR plugin.

One Noteworthy Feature:

Advanced job posting of CrewHRM

One of the standout features of this WordPress HR management system is advanced job posting. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to general professional job posts using built-in templates. And, these templates are fully customizable. Besides, you can assign team members to review job posts for swiftly onboarding qualified candidates. This advanced job posting ensures a smooth hiring process.


  • Provides a holistic overview of key organizational metrics for effective management.
  • Streamlines interview scheduling with one-click access to virtual meetings.
  • Facilitates swift job posting through template-based creation, saving time and ensuring consistency.
  • Enhances teamwork by assigning collaborators to job posts for faster reviews and decision-making.
  • Integrates smoothly with popular virtual meeting platforms like Google Meet and Zoom.
  • Simplifies candidate evaluation with a dynamic profile, eliminating the need for file downloads.


  • Reliance on third-party integrations (Google Meet, Zoom) may pose challenges if there are disruptions or changes in those services.
  • Users may face a learning curve due to the extensive features and customization options.


Yearly Deals

License1 site10 sites50 sites

Lifetime Deals

License1 site10 sites50 sites



WP ERP is a comprehensive business solution for WordPress users. With its core modules encompassing HR management, CRM, and accounting, it offers a unified platform to streamline operations. Furthermore, it extends its functionality with features like project management via WP Project Manager, premium extensions, and WooCommerce integration.

This ERP system stands out for its user-friendliness, real-time reporting, and multi-currency support, ensuring efficient business management. Moreover, it emphasizes privacy and security, adhering to WordPress standards, and provides accessible documentation for easy setup and usage.

Key Features of WP ERP:

  • Its cloud-based system enhanced data security.
  • WP ERP is a fast, lightweight, friendly, and easily accessible WordPress HRM plugin.
  • It requires zero maintenance.
  • This WordPress HR solution supports 44+ currencies.
  • It manages employee profiles, leave, leave requests, attendance, holidays, etc; ensuring smooth relationships for your business.
  • You can search easily by filtering contacts using keywords and categories.
  • This allows you to schedule meetings and calls anywhere any time.
  • You will get insightful reports utilizing various business information.
  • A partial payment option is available for any transaction.
  • Gravity Forms, HubSpot, HelpScout, MailChimp, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc finely work with this WordPress HRM plugin.
  • This WordPress staff management plugin introduces automation in the employee payroll system.

Standout Functionality:

Key feature of WP ERP

WP ERP is a free HR plugin for WordPress that combines 3 features such as HR, ERP, and Accounting in one place. It’s a powerful ERP solution that offers any type of business functionalities with ease. Simply put, it cuts out complexity from your business management and offers flexible and secure enterprise resource planning.


  • It provides a user-friendly interface, and most features can be activated with a single click.
  • The plugin offers real-time reports, helping businesses make informed decisions.
  • It supports a wide range of currencies to easily let you enter into the international market.
  • Due to being a cloud-based solution, there is less possibility of losing data.
  • It finely works with different solutions.


  • It can cost you an arm and a leg since you need to pay separately for each advanced extension.
  • For smaller businesses with limited resources, implementing an ERP system like WP ERP can be quite costly.
  • Freemium plana are not as feature-rich as premium packages.


PlansWP ERP Pro
Price/month with 1 user$12.99
Price/year with 1 user$155.88

These monthly and yearly packages only include 9 premium extensions. For adding additional HRM, CRM, and Accounting extensions, you have to pay separately. The price of each extension varies. The extension price starts at $2.49/month and hits up to $9.49/month. However, if you select all of them, you have to pay $93.35/month.

Besides, if you want to increase the number of users then, you have to pay $3 for each. So, the above pricing is not the final. Pricing will be increased based on the extensions and users you will add.

Comparing the Best WordPress HR Management Plugins

Crew HRM and WP ERP are two effective solutions for seamless HR management. However, you can’t use both for your business. You need to pick one by analyzing their features, options, and prices. 

And without comparison, it’s not possible to get hands on the best solution. So, here we’ll compare both their prices and features so that you can easily find out what will work best for your business.

WordPress HR Management Plugin Price Comparison

While picking a WordPress HR system, It’s also important to consider pricing. Because everyone has a budget and pricing should be justified with solutions or features it offers. So, let’s compare the pricing of these two WordPress HR plugins:

S.LPlugin NamePriceFree OptionLink
1.Crew HRMStarts at $199/yearYesVisit
2.WP ERPStarts at $67.89/monthYesVisit

WordPress HR Management Plugin Feature Comparison

Crew HRM and WP ERP include a set of exclusive features that can make employee management easier than ever for your organization. Though more or less their basic features are the same. But, there are some differences that are important to talk about as well. 

So, here are the feature comparison of these two HR plugins:

FeaturesCrew HRMWP ERP
Robust dashboard
Virtual Meeting
Organized calendar and schedule
Job posting templates
Candidate profile
Candidate inbox
Shortcode support
White labeling
Dynamic filters
Zoom integration
MailChimp integration
Google Meet

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What is The Best WordPress HR Management Plugin?

Since we’ve gone through the in-depth analysis of these free WordPress HR plugins, the question is which one is the best for your business. Although both plugins offer competitive features, Crew HRM stands as a flexible and simplified recruitment solution for your business. 

Crew HRM excels in providing advanced job posting capabilities with customizable templates, streamlined hiring flows, and collaborative reviewing features. Also, its user-friendly interface and integration with popular virtual meeting platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom make it an exemplary choice for businesses seeking to enhance teamwork and communication. So, if you want to experience advanced job posting functionalities then, Crew HRM might be a fruitful solution to consider. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some more queries related to WordPress HR solutions:

Do These HR Plugins Slow Down WordPress?

Absolutely not, Crew HRM and WP ERP both are highly lightweight plugins, designed to keep smooth website loading speed in mind. They are lightly coded so that you don’t have to experience speed issues on your site.

Which One is the Best Free HR Plugin?

Crew HRM and WP ERP both are the best free HR plugins. One is suitable for recruitment solutions and another one is best for HR management. So, you need to decide first which solution you need for your organization.