Best WordPress Career Page Plugins 2024

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best free wordpress job board plugins 2024

WordPress career page plugins are actually job posting, recruitment, or human resource management plugins. They offer a job listing feature that helps you design a career page with them. Some plugins like Crew HRM are free and add all the required elements with a click! This removes the hassle of adding different designs, images, and nice fonts to design the page.

Most of the plugins offer filtering, searching, and sorting features. So, that part is sorted for your career page design. I will share some screenshots below to help you understand what each of them looks like. It will help you select which goes better with your taste and brand.

What is a Career Page

Career pages usually contain some basic information about what it is like to work at your company, what your office looks like, what benefits and incentives you offer, some photos from the previous trips you took as a team, and so on. This page sets a tone and helps potential employees understand the company culture. Some people name this page Life at {Company Name}.

What are the Best WordPress Career Page Plugins?

There are different approaches to building a career page. Here are some plugins that can help you with the minimal effort-

  1. Crew HRM
  2. WP Job Manager
  3. WP Job Openings
  4. Simple Job Board

Let’s learn more about these plugins and see how they work.

Crew HRM

This plugin is free of cost and automatically creates a beautiful job listing page after installation. You can customize the design with the Gutenberg editor.

Career Page Created by Crew HRM WordPress Plugin
Career page created by crew hrm wordpress plugin

WP Job Manager

This is the most popular plugin for creating job portals, but you can use it to post jobs for your company and show them on the career page.

WP Job Openings

This plugin is Crew HRM’s closest competitor. This plugin also renders PDF files on the screen.

Simple Job Board

Unlike its name, it offers a shortcode based system where you can customize everything you want.

Comparing the Best WordPress Career Page Plugins

As you have learned above, there are multiple plugins that you can use to create career pages on your website; you might feel confused about which one to pick. We will make this process easier for you with a side-by-side comparison below.

Career Page Plugin Feature Comparison

FeatureCrew HRMWP Job ManagerWP Job Openings
Automatic Page Creation✔️
Auto update job post list✔️✔️✔️
Shortcode support✔️✔️✔️
Elementor integration✔️✔️
Free version✔️✔️✔️
Frontend management✔️✔️
Recruitment management✔️
Google Meet Integration✔️
Zoom Integration✔️
Community Rating5/54.5/55/5

Career Page Plugin Pricing Comparison

All of the plugins we have shared in this article come free of cost. However, they have premium add-ons that offer additional features if you want to use their job portal creation feature, recruitment, email notifications, etc.

PluginPriceFree Option
Crew HRM$69/yearYes
WP Job Manager$159/yearYes
WP Job Openings$69/yearYes
Simple Job BoardFreeYes

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a career page with Elementor?

You can use the shortcode of the Crew HRM plugin to display available openings on your career page. You can input the code on the shortcode widget.

How can I create a career page with Gutenberg?

Crew HRM offers powerful shortcode for job listings. You can use the shortcode block to add the available openings to your page.

How can I create a career page in the full site editor (FSE)?

The FSE editor allows you to use any Gutenberg block to the template. You can use the shortcode block to embed the job posts from Crew HRM in FSE templates.