Introducing Employee Profiles: Elevate Your WordPress HRM Experience!

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Crew HRM 1.0.8 Release Featured Image

We are excited to share that Crew HRM now has a detailed employee profile management feature. It is not the powerful feature we have planned. It is just the first installment. Let’s see what features it has for now.

New Role – Employee

The pro add-on already has a custom user role called HR Manager. This time, the free plugin gets a custom user role named Employee. This role will be used in future updates to manage and control employee access in the HRM portal. It will be especially beneficial for the frontend portal.

Adding New Employees Manually

We are adding the manual feature on the free version of the plugin as it is one of the core features of a human resource management system. Later, we will introduce the option in the pro version to convert new hires into employees with one click.

Crew HRM WordPress Plugin New Employee Addition Screen
New employee addition screen in crew hrm wordpress plugin

When you add a new employee, there will be a new user account. For now, they will be registered as a subscriber to the site. You can use this feature to enroll them in a mailing list to notify them about companywide announcements and use other features on your site. They can log in and update their information from the frontend interface in the future.

In one of our future releases, there will also be a feature to email a registration link for the HRM portal.

Employee Registration Form

This brief process is to input all the necessary information into the system. This information will be used later in different upcoming modules like leave management, generating payroll statements, shift management, etc.

Form to Add a New Employee in Crew HRM WordPress Plugin
Form to add a new employee in crew hrm wordpress plugin

There are features to add emergency contacts, educational information, personal information, and social media links.

After filling in all the information, you need to add the details about the contract. If it is a full-time contract, how much is the agreed salary, what is the currency, and is there a probation period or not.

Crew HRM Bonus and Compensation Feature
Crew hrm bonus and compensation feature

There are features to add bonuses, compensation, benefits, and leave policies. You can customize the leave policy name and add any number of days. These features will work with the leave management module in the future. This information is just for data entry purposes and is visible on the employee profile for now.

Crew HRM Onboarding and Training Feature
Crew hrm onboarding and training feature

You can upload the training and onboarding materials while adding the employee to the company. These files will be shared with the employee via email for now. When we release the frontend interface, the employees can log in to the portal and access their files directly.

Wrapping up

The employee profile is a part of the core feature of Crew HRM, and there are more features to follow on both the free and pro-add-ons. Please check the roadmap for our future release plans and let us know if you have any comments.