Planning features for the future



Google ReCAPTCHA IntegrationAdd captcha feature in your job applicaiton forms to avoid spam from bots and accept information from humans only.
 Jobs Schema CompatibilityMake it easy for search engines and other content scraping services to crawl through the job posts on your site and display in their network.
 Employee ProfileSee a complete list of your entire team, add new employees and modify their information.



Cloudflair Turnstile IntegrationAdd the modern bot and spam protection service on your job application form and accept information from humans only.
 OpenAI IntegrationCreate job posts, description, scan through the pool of candidates, automatically rate applicants and batch process tasks.
 Frontend PortalEmployees and candidates will be able to login, edit and save their information.
 Applicant Tracking System (ATS)The ATS system will show important information about matching the job posts and candidates skills. This would help you filter applications faster.


Leave ManagementEmployees will be able to request leave from the frontend portal. It will be calculated with the leave policy and payroll
 Payroll ManagementKeep accounts of salaries, paid and unpaid leave along with payment information. You can also generate salary sheets.
 Export Resume DataWe already maintain an ogranized folder of uploaded files. In the upcoming update, you will be able to download the folders for each job post from the Crew HRM reporting module.
 Announcement Add-onMake company wide announcement and notify employees via email and display on the employee portal.


Question BankYou can save questions for a department to use them in job post custom fields in the future.
 Job Post TemplatesYou can save existing job posts as templates and use them later to create job posts faster.
 In App NotificationsWe have email notification features built in but if you prefer to see all the notifications like Twitter in the dashboard, this feature would do that.
 Training and Onboarding IntegrationOffer training materials to employees to know about company policy, learn about products and services by themselves.


Performance Review Add-onCreate performance review forms for department heads and self assessment forms for employees. Review them side by side to add your final score and add increment.
 Webhook and API ModuleIntegrate with diffrent apps and services using the webhooks and API feature.
 Automation and WorkflowAutomate recurring tasks like getting the salary sheet build and emailed to you at a certain date and remind you to take certain actions.
 Sign up for job alertsYou can publish a widget using shortcode or gutenberg block for potential candidates to sign up and get notified about certain job posts.
 Apply via LinkedInCandidates will be able to share their information from LinkedIn to apply easily and skip inputting information manually.
 OCR CompatibilityParse information from uploaded PDF, DOCX and other files and add to the system automatically. Save time from inputting information manually.