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A story of tools and
the future of work

Three person on cycle

Since 2010, we’ve worked with incredible organizations to create meaningful impact and compelling experiences that deliver results.


Simplify HR, Empower Teams

Crew HRM is here to make HR easy and efficient! Our all-in-one solution manages hiring, onboarding, pay, leaves, reviews, raises, and more. Say goodbye to juggling tools and hello to simplicity with Crew HRM.


HR Reimagined, Effortless Future

We envision a future where HR tasks are as easy as emailing a friend. With Crew HRM, managing allowances, recruiting, and transitions is simple and seamless. We’re blending human touch with AI smarts for a smoother HR experience.

What We Do

Drink green tea

Value relationships


Chill at the cafes

Features and bugs

Move fast


Wear warm clothes

What We Don’t

Work late

Decline coffee

Sacrifice quality


Work on weekends

Utopian deadlines

Let ego overtake us

Under deliver

People Behind the Story

Crew HRM Business Sekander Badsha
Crew HRM Product Risat Rajin
Crew HRM Engineer Jayedul Kabir

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We are a diverse group of people interested in computing, history, art, alternative programming languages, and skateboarding.
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