Recruitee vs Crew HRM – Feature and Price Comparison to Choose the Right One

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recruitee and crew hrm comparison

After the launch of Crew HRM, I contacted some of my connections to try the solution and share their feedback. One of my acquaintances shared Recruitee features with me, as it is pretty popular in Germany.

Initially, we planned to integrate with Indeed and LinkedIn and let applicants login or apply with LinkedIn information. This would take some time as we finish adding more crucial features. So, I decided to check out recruitee features, pricing and compare it with Crew HRM to assess where we stand.

What is Recruitee?

Recruitee is a hosted platform to manage job posts and applicants on the platform. You do not need to install the software or buy any hosting as they offer everything as a complete package. If you want to display the job posts on your website, you can copy a piece of code to embed the job posts.

As per Whois information, they have been in the business since 2009. So, they have a matured product, and it does not come cheap! You must pay a minimum of 269 US Dollars to use their platform. And that, too, is limited to 10 job posts only.

What is Crew HRM?

Crew HRM is a WordPress plugin you can install on your server or choose a host you like. That means the company cannot access your data, and you can own the software and all its information. You can also customize the code to your liking and add new features.

Crew HRM is a reasonably new product on the market, but the developers behind the product have been working in the industry for more than 12 years. More than 50 professionals have tested the product. So, it is a stable product now. We have no limits on any feature. You are free to create as many job posts as you want.

As it is an open-source product released under the GPL license, it is not mandatory to have an active license to use the product. It will keep working fine even after your subscription expires. An active subscription is only required to receive automatic updates and support.

Let’s take a look at the feature comparison of the platforms.

Recruitee vs Crew HRM Comparison

We have picked some of the most common features that would apply to most companies worldwide. If you think we have missed an important feature, please comment below.

FeatureRecruiteeCrew HRM
Yearly price for all features$9588$49
Job post limit20No limit
Candidate pipeline management✔️✔️
External job board integration✔️
Two-factor authentication✔️
Candidate video chat✔️✔️
Two factor authentication✔️✔️
Mobile compatibility✔️✔️
Unlimited users and data✔️✔️
GDPR compliance features✔️
Live chat support✔️✔️
Reporting dashboard✔️✔️
Apply with LinkedIn✔️
Team notes✔️✔️
API Access✔️
Schedule job posts✔️
Calendar for meeting schedule✔️✔️
Workflow templates✔️
Print profile✔️
Customizable URL✔️✔️
Role-based access and notification✔️✔️
Questionnaires and evaluation✔️✔️
Recruitee and Crew HRM Feature Comparison

Crew HRM lacks a total of 8 features. If any features are necessary, please share the possible use cases to understand. This would help us improve our solution for everyone.

Printing an application and scheduling job post features will be added soon. The other six features, like API and external platform integration, will take some time. If you publish job posts on external platforms like Indeed, please share the names with us. This will help us prioritize the platforms we work with.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We hope that we will receive your valuable feedback in the comments.