Free WordPress Job Board Plugins 2024 (Compared)

best free wordpress job board plugins 2024

Job board platforms cost a ton of money and offer little to no control over the features. We have curated a list of WordPress job board plugins that you can consider as an alternative.

WordPress job board plugins have been in the market for nearly a decade now, and everyone should know about the available options, how many active installations they have, the average rating, update frequency, and premium add-on prices.

Free WordPress Job Board Solutions

There are multiple free WordPress job board plugins available on the internet. There are marketplaces like Codecanyon that sell WordPress plugins at affordable cost. However, we will discuss the plugins that are officially available on the repository and do not have a paywall to use them.

  1. Crew HRM
  2. WP Job Manager
  3. WP Job Openings
  4. Simple Job Board
  5. Easy Jobs
  6. WP Job Portal
  7. Job Board WP

These are some of the top job board solutions in the WordPress repository with many active installations. Some of them have good reviews and have premium add-ons. We will learn all the details in the next section.

1. Crew HRM

Crew HRM Home Page Screenshot

Crew HRM is the best free WordPress job board plugin because of its user experience, unlimited job posts, and customizable hiring flow. They have a very minimal number of settings fields to configure. So, it is easy for nontechnical persons to understand the software and get started.

They are working on a frontend interface where employees can log in to add their attendance for their respective shifts, request leaves and get company announcements easily.

Crew HRM Dashboard Design - Free WordPress Job Board Plugin
Crew hrm dashboard design – free wordpress job board plugin

Key Features of Crew HRM

  • Schedule virtual interviews with Google Meet and Zoom integration.
  • Built-in templates for job listing and individual jobs.
  • Advanced filters for job posts.
  • Custom questions to help with pre-screening.
Crew HRM interview scheduling feature
Crew hrm interview scheduling feature

Scheduling interviews with third-party apps to create meeting links and then sharing them via email is a hassle when you need to do it for 10-20 people in different time zones. Crew HRM solved this problem nicely with their built-in Google Meet and Zoom integration. The Microsft Teams integration is also planned.

Pros of Crew HRM

  • No limit on anything
  • Great user experience
  • Modern design
  • Beautiful job listing page
  • Filters and searching option
  • Compliant with international hiring policies
  • Google ReCAPTCHA support
  • An email confirmation to applicants
  • Accessibility standards compliant

Cons of Crew HRM

  • No integration with third-party platforms.
  • API and Webhook features are not available yet.

Do I need the premium version of Crew HRM?

The pro version offers more robust features that would make you more productive with the hiring process by allowing email communication with the applicant and scheduling online interviews with Google Meet and Zoom integration.

The Pro plugin also has a module to add custom questions for pre-screening. The Open AI integration is also on the roadmap to help grade the applicants and their attachments to help make the screening process faster. It also has features to allow custom file types.

Best for: Small to medium-scale businesses, especially those in the European Union. This plugin lets you create a recruitment portal inside your own website and store the data on your own server. This offers better compatibility with the GDPR rules.

Pricing: Free, premium features cost $99/year.

2. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager - free WordPress job board plugin
Wp job manager – free wordpress job board plugin

This free WordPress job board plugin has the highest number of active installations on in the job board category. It is maintained by the Automattic team. It follows the design principles of WordPress and has different blocks and shortcodes. You will also get the highest number of integrations. They have recently introduced a premium add-on that helps you cross-post job posts into multiple platforms.

Key features of WP Job Manager

  • Create a job listing marketplace.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Google ReCAPTCHA integration.
  • Email notification for the admin.
WP Job Manager job listing feature
Wp job manager job listing feature

On the screenshot above, you can see that the job posts can have different company names and different locations. They can also vary as full-time, part-time, and vice versa. This feature is beneficial for people who are looking to make a classified job listing platform. Recruitment agencies and professional communities can take advantage of this.

Pros of WP Job Manager

  • Different companies can have accounts and maintain their job posts.
  • RSS Feed
  • Google Jobs schema
  • Different application options – email, link, etc.
  • Job posts can be categorized under different locations, categories, and taxonomies.

Cons of WP Job Manager

  • It uses custom post types, which might slow the search feature and overall site performance without proper caching and load-balancing.
  • The extensions are expensive and sold separately.

Best for: Recruitment agencies and professional communities.

Pricing: Free, premium extension bundle starts from $159/year

3. WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings WordPress Job Board Plugin Screenshot
Wp job openings wordpress job board plugin screenshot

The team behind the WP Job Openings are Elite Authors of the Envato marketplace. They have been in business since 2010. This plugin has a more modern approach to creating job posts, receiving applications, and offering premium features. They have affordable premium plans and offer lifetime licenses as well. But the downside of the lifetime license is that support is available for 3 years only. On the other hand, it is the most affordable and stable free WordPress job board solution.

Key features

  • Applicant tracking system
  • Job alerts for new job posts
  • Third-party form integration
  • Developer friendly
  • Custom job specification support
  • Custom file type support
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Email notifications for the applicant and admin
WP Job Openings Applicant Tracking System
Wp job openings applicant tracking system

This free WordPress job board plugin has a dashboard feature, but the design is outdated. They claim to have an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) feature on their website. One of the great things about this plugin is that they have some free add-ons available on

Pros of WP Job Openings

  • Affordable pricing
  • Free add-ons
  • Lifetime license

Cons of WP Job Openings

  • Outdated design.
  • A lifetime license has only 3 years of support.
  • Updates are not consistent and frequent.
  • It uses post type to store data.

They have a lovely comparison table about the free and Pro plans. We are convinced that the Pro plan offers way more value than the price you will pay. The pro version is worth checking out.

Best for: Small businesses looking to add recruitment features on their website.

Pricing: Free, premium add-on starts from $69.

4. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board Plugin page screenshot from
Simple job board plugin page screenshot from wordpress. Org

The name does not do justice to this plugin. Simple Job Board is not that simple in terms of features or design. It has a very complex design, but it is feature-rich. It has many features that other plugins do not offer in their free version.

This free WordPress job board plugin has a whopping 40+ add-ons and bundles. They even have a mobile app for your convenience.

Key Features of Simple Job Board

  • Mobile App
  • Hotlink protection for uploaded documents
  • Multiple file upload support
  • Multilingual compatibility with WPML support
  • Template override feature

DDoS and other types of attackers can utilize document hotlinking. There are also rules and regulations for data protection and safety across the European Union. The Simple Job Board plugin has implemented hotlinking protection for the uploaded files to comply with that.

Pros of Simple Job Board

  • Wide range of add-ons.
  • There is no limit on anything.
  • Detailed settings and controls.

Cons of Simple Job Board

  • It’s pretty expensive if you want to use all the features and add-ons.
  • It uses the legacy approach with job posts via the default WordPress post UI.

Best for: Small to medium-scale businesses.

Pricing: Free; premium starts at $536/year.

5. Easy Jobs

Easy Jobs plugin page preview from
Easy jobs plugin page preview from wordpress. Org. Jpg

They have taken a unique approach to integrating the plugin with their SaaS platform. However, the downside is that you must sign up for the SaaS platform to use the plugin features. It feels more like a wrapper for their platform and lets you use their features inside the WordPress admin dashboard.

You can see in the video below that the very first step after installing the plugin is to sign up for their platform and insert the API key. This might add a learning curve for some users who do not understand what an API is and how it works, and the amount of steps needed to configure the system can be off-putting.

How to install and configure the Easy Jobs plugin

One of the major setbacks of this plugin is the number of active candidates you can have for each job post and the number of active job posts you can have. Most companies might not need more than 10 active job posts, but there can be more than 3 supervisors managing the hiring for different teams, and there can be more than 100 active candidates for each job post. Even after a 60% discount, the cost is higher than the other plugins mentioned above that offer everything without a limit.

Easy jobs pricing – january 2, 2024

Key Features of Easy Jobs

  • Team Collaboration
  • Applicant Tracking system
  • Detailed analytics and reporting system
  • Quiz and personality testing system
Easy Jobs Team Collaboration Feature
Easy jobs team collaboration feature

Team collaboration on job posts makes the hiring process efficient. This free WordPress job board solution has added this feature intuitively. You can have granular controls for each user account to define what information they access and what part of the recruitment system they can control.

Pros of Easy Jobs

  • Good customer support
  • Backed by a big team
  • Feature rich

Cons of Easy Jobs

  • Using their SaaS platform is mandatory
  • Not compatible with GDPR

Best for: Businesses that need better reliability and control over their recruitment system

Pricing: Free, pro plan starts from $240/year

6. WP Job Portal

wp job portal plugin screenshot from
Wp job portal plugin screenshot from wordpress. Org

WP Job Portal is the perfect competitor to the WP Job Manager Plugin. It has all the features to create a job portal for multiple companies and make a classified site for job posts. The developers tried hard to differentiate the design and make it look slightly nicer. The number of features is also impressive for a free WordPress job board.

Key Features

  • Resume Builder
  • Job field customization
  • Reports for job seekers and employer
  • Customizable email templates
WP Job Portal resume builder feature
Wp job portal resume builder feature

All the free WordPress job board plugins offer only job post-creating features in general. But, the WP Job Portal has features that make it an actual job portal because you can create your resume in the system from scratch and reuse that information while applying for jobs. This formatted data in the system can be utilized in many different ways with internal and external ATS system via an API or Webhook integration.

Pros of WP Job Portal plugin

  • The cheapest solution in the market
  • Feature to parse uploaded resume
  • Activity log
  • Approval process of new companies to join the portal
  • Google map integration

Cons of WP Job Portal Plugin

  • Resource hungry.
  • Because of the design, you will need to have an expensive server.
  • Support service is not up to the mark.

Best for: Agencies who want to use a job portal plugin for their clients.

Pricing: Free, premium bundle starts from $49/year.

7. Job Board WP

JobBoardWP plugin page screenshot from
Jobboardwp plugin page screenshot from wordpress. Org

This is by far an actual free WordPress job board plugin because it does not have a premium add-on yet! Though it has only 1000 active installations, it is not new on the market. It was first released in July 2020 and has been updated regularly until 2023. There was no new update in the last 8 months for an unknown reason, but we highly encourage you to try this plugin as it has nearly all the features to make it a good candidate for the best free WordPress job board plugin.

Besides, you can look at the support forum and see that they regularly respond to support requests.

Key Features

  • Minimalistic interface.
  • Good support response.
  • Neatly organized documentation.
  • Has excellent integration with the block editor.

We liked the minimalistic approach of this plugin, where you can focus easily on the important data and actions on the platform. They have also kept the settings panel very minimal and followed the default design of WordPress. This would have an easy learning curve for the users.

Pros of the JobBoardWP plugin

  • 6 different blocks for quickly placing them anywhere you like.
  • Google structured data integration.

Cons of the JobBoardWP plugin

  • There have been no updates in the last 8 months.
  • The interface feel monotonous because of the design pattern for creating job posts.

Best for: Beginners who want to create a classified job board.

Pricing: Free

Best WordPress Job Board Plugin Comparison

Multiple free WordPress job board solutions are available on; deciding which would be more future-proof and affordable for small to medium-scale businesses might be difficult. The features do not vary much for the free versions. However, some of the plugins offer many features on their premium version. This is why we are comparing the pricing to get all the premium features and the cost in tables for you to understand and decide quickly.

Job Board Plugin Price Comparison

Most plugins in the table below offer multiple add-ons and sell separately. The price for each add-on ranges between $10 and $149 if you plan to buy them one by one as your business grows.

They also offer add-on bundles in case you need them all. So, we have included the price to get all the features. The cost could be less if you need fewer features.

PluginPriceFree Option
Crew HRM$99/year✔️Visit
WP Job Manager$159/year✔️Visit
WP Job Openings$69/year✔️Visit
Simple Job Board$536/year✔️Visit
Easy Jobs$479/year✔️Visit
WP Job Portal$49/year✔️Visit
Job Board WP✔️Visit

Job Board Plugin Feature Comparison

Some of the plugins have a massive list of features and add-ons. We have included only the key features that match across the plugins and give intense competition to their SaaS counterparts.

If you think we have missed a crucial feature, please comment below. We will update the post as soon as possible.

Feature NameCrew HRMWP Job ManagerWP Job Openings
Unlimited job posts✔️✔️✔️
Unlimited candidates✔️✔️✔️
Screening questions✔️
Job listing page✔️✔️✔️
Shortcode and block support✔️✔️✔️
Filtering and search✔️✔️✔️
Email notification✔️
Paid listing✔️
Structured data support✔️✔️
WPML support✔️✔️
GDPR Compliance✔️✔️✔️
Mobile app
Price for All Features$99/year$159/year$69/year
Get Crew HRMGet WP Job ManagerGet WP Job Openings

Frequently Asked Questions

Before concluding this blog post, let’s answer some frequently asked questions. We will try to cover as many as possible. If you think we have missed one, please comment below!

What is the best WordPress job board plugin?

Crew HRM is the best WordPress job board plugin as it is available free of cost and has a great user experience. The free version offers email notifications, PDF viewing, custom attachments, and CAPTCHA.

What is the best free WordPress job board plugin?

Crew HRM is the best free WordPress job board plugin, as it is easy to install and requires very few steps to configure. It is also compatible with all major themes. The customer support team is very responsive.

What is the most stable WordPress job board plugin?

WP Job manager is the most stable WordPress job board plugin in the market. It is being developed by the Automattic team and there are regular updates with new features, bug fixes.

What is the easiest WordPress job board plugin?

Crew HRM is the easiest WordPress job board plugin to install, configure and maintain. Because the user experience for very well designed and they update the plugin based on user feedback.

What is the fastest WordPress job board plugin?

Crew HRM is the fastest WordPress job board plugin. Because it is developed using the React.js framework. It is based on JavaScript that works on the users browser and keeps the server load to a minimum.

What is the difference between a SaaS job board and a WordPress plugin-based job board?

A SaaS job board requires a monthly subscription and you have no control over the features and design of the platform. A WordPress plugin is the total opposite and you can just buy the plugin once and use forever.

What is the best free WordPress job board plugin for Elementor?

WP Job Manager is the best free WordPress job board plugin for Elementor. Because it has integration with Elementor, offers shortcodes as a backup and has multiple theme compatibility.

What is the most popular free WordPress job board plugin?

WP Job Manager is the most popular free WordPress job board plugin with 100,000+ active installs.

Looking for more incredible WordPress plugins for your organization management? Check out our post about the best WordPress plugins for small to medium businesses!