Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard page gives you a brief overview of what is going on in the whole organization. For example, you can understand the number of pending leave requests, the number of employees leaves on this week and upcoming leaves, upcoming interviews, currently published job posts, and so on.

Concise Calendar

This feature provides an organized view of important schedules and events, including leave dates, holidays, training, and project deadlines. It enhances planning and coordination across the organization.

Employee Management

This comprehensive feature handles all employee-related aspects, from maintaining records to tracking performance and administering benefits. It provides a centralized hub for HR to manage and analyze employee data effectively.

Regulate Attendance

This feature offers real-time tracking and management of employee work hours. It simplifies the monitoring of employee punctuality and absence, providing managers with comprehensive, up-to-date records. It can facilitate easier scheduling and reduce errors in payroll due to inaccurate attendance data.

Accurate Payroll

Our plugin streamlines and automates payroll processing. This feature ensures accurate, timely payment to all employees by considering factors such as worked hours, deductions, taxes, and bonuses. By reducing the manual work in payroll calculation, it minimizes errors and promotes efficiency.