WP Job Openings VS Simple Job Board

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wp job openings vs simple job board

Managing job listings on a WordPress website is an essential task that can significantly influence your business’s success. Whether you’re an HR professional, a job board manager, or a business owner aiming to attract top talent, a powerful job management plugin can streamline your processes and enhance user experience. But with a myriad of plugins available in the market, the question arises: which one is the perfect fit for your needs?

Two popular options you might have come across are WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board. Both plugins have carved a niche in the job management plugin market, each boasting a suite of features designed to make job listing management an effortless process. However, despite their shared purpose, WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board differ in various aspects, such as user interface, feature set, pricing structure, and user feedback.

Understanding these differences and weighing them against your unique needs and expectations is key to making the right choice. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

In this blog post, we will embark on a comprehensive comparison journey, exploring WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board in-depth. We’ll delve into the heart of these plugins, scrutinizing their key features, analyzing their pricing models, and surveying user feedback. We’ll also offer you a detailed comparison table for a bird’s eye view of their offerings and performance.

By casting a spotlight on these two popular plugins, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Whether you prioritize affordability, ease-of-use, robust functionality, or responsive customer support, by the end of this article, you’ll know which plugin ticks the most boxes for you.

Overview of WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board

Before we dive into the comparison, let’s take a moment to understand the basics of each plugin and what they offer in terms of general features and capabilities.

WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings is a powerful and versatile job board plugin designed for WordPress websites. The plugin is built with simplicity in mind, making it a user-friendly choice for businesses of all sizes. It helps to streamline the job posting and application process, offering a variety of features to make your job management seamless and efficient.

The plugin offers two different layouts (grid and list) and has an inbuilt, filterable job listing function, enabling you to easily sort and categorize your job openings. A unique aspect of WP Job Openings is its application management system, which allows you to track and manage job applications directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board

As the name suggests, Simple Job Board aims to provide a straightforward and effective solution for adding a job board to your WordPress website. Despite its simplicity, the plugin doesn’t skimp on features, offering a robust set of tools to assist you in managing your job listings.

Simple Job Board allows you to add multiple job listings and categorize them by job type, location, or other parameters, making it easy for potential applicants to find what they’re looking for. One of its standout features is the ability to add custom application forms to each job listing, enabling you to collect the exact information you need from your applicants.

In terms of extensions and add-ons, Simple Job Board provides a variety of paid options for further customization and feature enhancement, ensuring the plugin can grow and adapt to your business’s needs.

CriteriaWP Job OpeningsSimple Job Board
DeveloperAWSM InnovationsPressTigers
Update and SupportRegularRegular
Key FeaturesFrontend job submissions, Unlimited job applications, Two display modes (Grid and List), Custom job specificationsJob Management, Job Type Specification, Job Location Input,
Category-Specific Shortcode
Additional FeaturesPro version available with advanced features, such as application tracking, custom emails, and shortlisting capabilitiesPremium add-ons are available for Mobile App Connector (New), Related Jobs (New), Job Seeker Dashboard (New), Custom Apply Link Add-on (New)
Required WordPress Version4.8 or higher4.4 or higher
Overview of wp job openings and simple job board

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In-Depth Comparison of WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board

As we have gained a general understanding of WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board, let’s dig deeper into a detailed comparison of their features, user interface, compatibility, customization possibilities, and pricing.

Free Out-of-the-Box Features

WP Job Openings Free Features

The basic version of the WP Job Openings plugin includes the following features, free of charge.

  1. Easy Setup: Setting up process is fast and easy.
  2. Flexible Layouts: The UI is responsive and comes in two layouts – Grid and List.
  3. Search and Filter: Easy search and Ajax-powered filtering system.
  4. JobListing Schema: Designed with Job Listing Schema
  5. Job Specification: Includes an unlimited number of job specifications.
  6. HR Role: You can involve all of the users in your organization’s recruitment process by adding them under the HR Role. Assigned users can view and manage Job Listings and Applications on your website.
  7. WPML Support: Basic WPML support for the free version.
  8. GDPR Ready: The plugin provides a FREE add-on that periodically deletes applicant information, a crucial feature for ensuring your website’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Simple Job Board Free Features

The Simple Job Board plugin itself is free and incorporates the following capabilities:

  1. Job Management: Add, classify, and control all jobs using WordPress’s detailed User Interface.
  2. Job Type Specification: Give job listers the ability to include job types in their listings.
  3. Job Location Input: Add the job location for each individual job posting.
  4. Category-Specific Shortcode: Use specific shortcodes to include a job listing for a particular category in any post.
  5. Location-Based Shortcode: Use unique shortcodes to incorporate job locations in any post.
  6. Job Type Shortcode: Incorporate job types into any post using specific shortcodes.
  7. Multi-Shortcode Combination: Use a mix of various shortcodes for an individual job listing.
  8. Anti-Hotlinking for Document Security: Utilize the Anti-hotlinking option to boost the safety of your documents.
  9. Diverse Document Uploads: Upload documents in a variety of extensions.
  10. Applicant Overview: View a list of applicants who have applied for a specific job.
  11. Global Settings for Job Listings: Set the job listing, features, application form, filters, and email notifications for a job through global settings.
  12. WPML Compatibility: The Simple Job Board plugin is compatible with WPML starting from version 2.9.0.

WP Job Openings Pro Features

For enhanced capabilities, WP Job Openings offers additional, paid features through its upgraded Pro version.

  1. Form Builder: The label in the form builder is utilized to modify the label that is associated with each field in the application form.
  2. Rate Applicants: This allows you to rate applicants on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, based on the specific criteria or parameters that your company is seeking in potential candidates.
  3. Select, Shortlist, or Reject: Provides the capability to categorize applicants into various groups such as new, selected, shortlisted, in-progress, or rejected, as per the recruiter’s discretion and recruitment process flow.
  4. Email Templates: Recruiters can create and save custom email templates. These templates can then be used to send communications to applicants, ensuring consistency and saving time.
  5. Notes Widgets: Display critical, concise, time-sensitive information that doesn’t necessarily fit into a standard post or page.
  6. Activity Tracker: Monitor all activities associated with an application, allowing you to stay updated on its progress and interactions.
  7. Attach Files with Emails: Supports PDF, Doc, Docx, and Rtf files. This option is not limited to just email fields; it can be selected for all fields within the application process.
  8. Shortcode Builder: With an intuitive shortcode builder interface, the plugin allows you to generate and customize your job listing exactly as you prefer.

Simple Job Board Paid Add-Ons

The Simple Job Board plugin expands its functionality with a variety of purchasable add-ons, which include:

  1. Mobile App Connector (New): Connect your job board with a mobile application for seamless accessibility on smartphones.
  2. Related Jobs (New): Display similar job postings to enhance job seeker engagement and increase application rates.
  3. Job Seeker Dashboard (New): Allows Job Seekers to create personalized profiles, save their resumes, and establish job preferences.
  4. Custom Apply Link Add-on (New): Allows site administrators or employers to incorporate custom apply links into their job postings.
  5. Custom Redirection (New): Supports hassle-free installation and facilitates the easy redirection of job detail pages, whether to an internal page within the website or an external destination, enhancing user navigation experience.
  6. Job Board Add-on for WPBakery (New): With this add-on, you can style the job listing page and job detail page using the WPBakery page builder.
  7. Job Posting Management: Allows the user to manage their job postings effectively, with automatic re-publish and auto-delete functionalities.
  8. Job Board – Email Notifications Bundle: Incorporates two distinct add-ons – Individual Job Email Notifications and Email Notification Templates.
  9. Remove Job Posted Date: Extends the capability of removing the job posting date for your job post.
  10. Geolocation Job Search: enhances job search capabilities by enabling applicants to search for jobs within a specific radius of a selected location.

User Interface

WP Job Openings is known for its clean and intuitive interface. Both the front-end and back-end of this plugin are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy even for beginners to manage job listings and applications. Additionally, its smooth integration with the WordPress dashboard enhances the user experience.


WP Job Openings Interface

On the other hand, Simple Job Board lives up to its name by providing a simple, straightforward user interface. It is straightforward to use and navigate, making job management a breeze. However, its simplicity doesn’t compromise its robustness, offering a rich set of features that cater to most job board requirements.

image 2

Simple Job Board – Job Board Creation


Both WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board prioritize compatibility in their design philosophy.

WP Job Openings is built with a focus on compatibility, seamlessly integrating with most WordPress themes and plugins. This ensures smooth operation and an integrated user experience, irrespective of your WordPress theme or the collection of plugins you’ve already installed.

In the case of Simple Job Board, it also boasts high compatibility with a majority of WordPress themes and plugins. This ensures that integrating the plugin into your existing WordPress setup is likely to be a hassle-free process, preventing any conflicts or functional discrepancies due to incompatibility.


When it comes to customizability, both plugins provide several opportunities, albeit in slightly different ways.

WP Job Openings is developer-friendly and comes with a robust set of filters and hooks. This allows developers to easily tweak and modify the plugin, extending its functionality according to specific needs. This customizability makes it an excellent option for those looking to tailor their job management solution to their unique requirements.

WP Job Openings Application Detail Review

WP Job Openings Application Detail View

On the other hand, Simple Job Board shines in customizability through its array of paid add-ons. Each add-on provides additional features and options, enabling users to enhance the plugin’s functionality and tailor it to their specific needs. This makes Simple Job Board highly customizable, even for users without extensive development knowledge.

image 3

Simple Job Board – Allow Your User to Change View and Typography of Job-Listing


Both WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board offer free core versions of their plugins, with the option to extend functionality through paid add-ons.

For WP Job Openings, their core plugin is free, and they offer a Pro version. Their pricing of the Pro version starts at $69/year. You can visit WP Job Openings pricing plans to know more.

Simple Job Board offers its basic version for free and a variety of paid add-ons starting from $10. These add-ons provide extra features and options, allowing you to customize the plugin according to your specific needs. Visit Simple Job Board WP Repository and click on your desired add-on to view the pricing.

Comparison Table: WP Job Openings VS Simple Job Board

CriteriaWP Job OpeningsSimple Job Board
User InterfaceUser-friendlySimple and Robust
CustomizabilityHigh (with filters and hooks)High (with add-ons)
Easy SetupYesYes
Search and FilterYesYes
Flexible LayoutsGrid and ListCustomizable with add-ons
Job Listing SchemaYesYes
Job Type SpecificationYesYes
Job ManagementYesYes
Job Location InputYesYes
Category-Specific ShortcodeYesYes
Location-Based ShortcodeYesYes
WPML SupportYesYes
Rating System for ApplicantsPro FeatureDependent on add-ons
Email TemplatesPro FeatureDependent on add-ons
Activity TrackerPro FeatureDependent on add-ons
Attach Files with EmailsPro FeatureDependent on add-ons
Free VersionYes, with core functionalitiesYes, with basic functionalities
Paid VersionFree basic version with Pro version starting at $69/yearAdd-ons starting from $10/year
Quick comparison between wp job openings and simple job board.

User and Customer Reviews

Reviews from users and customers provide valuable insights into the real-world performance, usability, and functionality of plugins. Let’s delve into what users are saying about both WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board on the WordPress Plugin Repository:

WP Job Openings Reviews

WP Job Openings has received largely positive feedback from its users. Many users appreciate its easy setup and the fact that it offers a free version with robust features. They find its user interface intuitive and easy to navigate, even for those not technically inclined. The seamless integration with WordPress and responsive customer support have also been points of praise. However, a few users have mentioned that they find the cost of add-ons somewhat steep. Here’s a review from a user in the WordPress Plugin Repository:

“Good plugin, very good and effective. Makes recruiting simple.”


Simple Job Board Reviews

The feedback for Simple Job Board is generally positive. Users appreciate the plugin for its simplicity and functionality. They find the interface to be straightforward and user-friendly, making job management easy. Moreover, the basic free version offering a wide array of features has been highly appreciated by users. One downside that has been mentioned by users is that they would appreciate more features in the free version and find some of the add-ons to be a bit expensive. Here’s a review from a user on the WordPress Plugin Repository:

“The plugin is clean and easy to use. Customer support is exceptional.”


Please note that these are just individual user opinions and might not represent the general consensus about these plugins. The best way to decide between two plugins is to identify your specific needs and then see which plugin meets them most effectively.

CriteriaWP Job OpeningsSimple Job Board
Active Installations30,000+20,000+
Total Reviews126124
Total 5 Stars116108
Average Ratings4.94.7
User Feedback of WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board.

Our Recommendation

When choosing between WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board, the decision largely boils down to your specific requirements and preferences. Both plugins offer unique strengths and robust feature sets that cater to different needs.

WP Job Openings stands out with its intuitive user interface, compatibility with most WordPress themes and plugins, and its focus on flexibility. The plugin’s clean design, seamless integration, and robust feature set, even in the free version, makes it a top contender. If you’re seeking an easy-to-use job listing plugin that simplifies the recruitment process, WP Job Openings may be the choice for you.

Simple Job Board, on the other hand, shines with its simplicity and wide array of features. Its uncomplicated design, combined with a solid core functionality, makes it a popular choice among users looking for an efficient job management solution. The availability of numerous paid add-ons for advanced customization makes Simple Job Board a flexible solution that can be tailored to meet a broad range of needs.

If you’re operating on a tight budget, Simple Job Board’s individual add-ons, starting at a relatively lower price, may be a more attractive option. This allows for feature customization according to your budget and needs.

However, it’s crucial to note that both plugins have received positive feedback from their user base and deliver solid performance. It is recommended that you consider your particular needs, your comfort with the user interface, budget, and the plugin’s compatibility with your existing setup before making a choice.

We advise trying out the free versions of both WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board to get a feel for each plugin’s interface and functionality before deciding. Ultimately, the best plugin is the one that aligns most closely with your needs and business objectives.


Selecting the right job board plugin for your WordPress website can significantly impact your recruitment process’s efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you go with WP Job Openings or Simple Job Board, you’re choosing a tool that has proven to provide comprehensive job management solutions to countless users worldwide.

Our comparison reveals that both WP Job Openings and Simple Job Board offer robust free versions and provide added functionalities with their paid versions or add-ons. While WP Job Openings impresses with its seamless integration and intuitive user interface, Simple Job Board shines with its simplistic design and range of feature-rich add-ons.

Your final decision should be influenced by your unique requirements, budget, and the kind of user experience you aim to provide to your website visitors. We recommend trying out the free versions of both plugins to get hands-on experience and a better understanding of which plugin will be the best fit for your WordPress website.

No matter what you choose, both plugins are reliable tools that can help transform your website into a comprehensive job board, facilitating a streamlined recruitment process. Happy hiring!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a WordPress job board plugin?

A WordPress job board plugin is a digital tool that allows you to add a fully functional job board to your WordPress website, simplifying posting and managing job vacancies.

Why should I integrate a job board plugin on my WordPress site?

A job board plugin can streamline the recruitment process, making it easier to post job vacancies, manage applications, and engage with potential candidates directly through your website.

How does a job board plugin simplify the recruitment process?

Job board plugins automate numerous tasks, including job postings, application reception, candidate screening, and applicant tracking, making the recruitment process more organized and efficient.

Are there financial benefits to using a free WordPress job board plugin?

Utilizing a free job board plugin can eliminate the need for separate job board services or recruitment software, thereby reducing costs associated with recruitment.

What are the leading free WordPress job board plugins in 2023?

Top-rated plugins include WP Job Manager, WP Job Openings, Simple Job Board, Easy.Jobs, and WP Job Portal.

What should I consider when choosing a job board plugin for my WordPress site?

Considerations should include compatibility with your website’s theme, user-friendliness, integration capabilities with social media and other job boards, applicant tracking features, and compliance with legal regulations.

How can I install and configure a job board plugin on my WordPress site?

Most plugins can be installed directly from the WordPress dashboard. After activation, you can customize the job board to meet your recruitment needs.

Can I tailor the job board features of these plugins to fit my specific needs?

Yes, most plugins offer flexible features, allowing you to modify your job board to meet your unique recruitment requirements.

Are these job board plugins compatible with all WordPress themes?

While most plugins are designed to be compatible with any theme, verifying compatibility with your specific theme is advisable.

Do these job board plugins comply with GDPR and other legal requirements?

Many plugins include GDPR-compliance features. However, it is essential to confirm this and ensure responsible candidate data management.