WP Job Manager VS WP Job Openings

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wp job manager vs wp job openings

Choosing the right job management tool for your WordPress website is more than a mere decision – it’s an investment. It’s about finding the perfect balance between efficiency, ease of use, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness. In the vast sea of WordPress plugins, two have managed to stand out in the job management domain: WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings. Both have been lauded for their robust features and user-friendly interfaces, and both have proven to be invaluable tools for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

But the question remains: which one is right for you? Which plugin can provide the functionality you need while seamlessly integrating with your existing setup? And, importantly, which can offer you the best value for your money?

This comprehensive blog post aims to answer these questions and more by discussing WP Job Manager VS WP Job Openings. We will dissect the features of WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings, delving into the details that can make a world of difference in your daily operations. We will evaluate the usability of both plugins, determining which offers a more intuitive and efficient experience. We will assess how well each plugin plays with other WordPress assets, and how far you can customize them to meet your unique requirements.We will also present real-world case studies and user reviews to give you a grounded perspective of each plugin’s performance. And we’ll compare pricing options to help you determine which provides the most bang for your buck.

By the end of this comprehensive guide, you will not only have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings, but you will also be well-equipped to make an informed decision about which plugin is the best fit for your website and business needs.

Overview of WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings

To conduct a thorough comparison, it’s important first to understand the basic characteristics, features, and offerings of both WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings. In this section, we’ll take a broad look at what each plugin brings to the table.

WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager

Developed by Automattic, the team responsible for WordPress.com, WP Job Manager is an open-source, extensible job listing plugin. Owing to its lightweight design and powerful features, it’s widely embraced by businesses across industries. From startups to established enterprises, WP Job Manager adds job board functionality to any WordPress website with ease and simplicity.

One of the most significant aspects of WP Job Manager is its user-friendly nature. It uses a simple shortcode-based system to integrate job listings seamlessly into any page of your site, including posts, sidebars, and custom content types. The flexibility and customization offered by this approach are noteworthy, allowing you to fit job listings into your site’s design without a hitch.

When it comes to features, WP Job Manager is not short of offerings. It allows for frontend job and resumes submissions, giving employers and candidates alike a smooth experience. Additionally, it includes customizable job listings, multiple job types and categories, and an Ajax-powered job listing system that’s both searchable and filterable, among other features.

Moreover, WP Job Manager provides a wide array of add-ons – both free and premium – to expand its functionality. From Paid Listings to Resume Manager, these add-ons let you tailor the plugin to your specific requirements and workflow.

WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings, developed by AWSM Innovations, is another heavyweight in the WordPress job listing plugin arena. Known for its blend of simplicity, flexibility, and powerful features, WP Job Openings aims to make the recruitment process as easy and efficient as possible.

The plugin stands out for its different modes – Grid and List – for displaying job listings, providing website owners with more aesthetic control. Also, it supports an unlimited number of job applications, a feature that’s vital for businesses with large volumes of recruitment.

WP Job Openings is also noteworthy for its customization options. You can create custom job specifications and application form fields, allowing you to capture exactly the data you need from applicants. Furthermore, it includes built-in email notifications, keeping you updated on new applications and job listing statuses.

Like WP Job Manager, WP Job Openings offers both a free version and a Pro version. The Pro version introduces advanced features and capabilities, such as application tracking, shortlisting, and more.

Understanding these fundamental aspects of WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings is crucial for an informed comparison. In the following sections, we will dig deeper into their specific features, usability, compatibility, customization options, and pricing structures to help you decide which plugin best aligns with your needs.

CriteriaWP Job ManagerWP Job Openings
DeveloperAutomattic (the team behind WordPress.com)AWSM Innovations
Update and SupportRegularRegular
Key FeaturesFrontend job and resumes submissions, Different job types and categories, AJAX-powered job listing systemFrontend job submissions, Unlimited job applications, Two display modes (Grid and List), Custom job specifications
Additional FeaturesPremium add-ons are available for expanded functionality, such as the Resume Manager, Job Alerts, and Paid ListingsPro version available with advanced features, such as application tracking, custom emails, and shortlisting capabilities
Required WordPress Version6.0 or higher4.8 or higher
Overview of wp job manager and wp job openings

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In-Depth Comparison of WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings

When it comes to adding job listing functionality to your WordPress website, both of these two top contenders provide powerful features and intuitive interfaces to streamline the process of job listing and applicant management. However, they each have their unique strengths and offer different functionalities that may be more suited to certain needs than others.

Let us provide you with an in-depth comparison of these two popular job listing plugins. We’ll dissect their features, user interface, compatibility with other plugins and themes, customization options, and pricing models. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision on which plugin is the best fit for your specific needs and objectives.

Free Out-of-the-Box Features

WP Job Manager Free Features

The free, basic version of the WP Job Manager plugin includes the following features.

  1. Search & Filter: Adding searchable and filterable job boards can be accomplished effortlessly using shortcodes.
  2. Frontend Forms: Forms are provided on the frontend for employers to submit and handle their job listings.
  3. RSS Feeds: Job RSS feeds can be customized for subscription purposes or to be showcased on different platforms.
  4. Google Job Schema: Job listings are effortlessly indexed by Google and other search engines for integration into job searches.
  5. Job Listing Pages: Each listing is assigned a unique URL that can be shared, featuring descriptions and personalized details.
  6. Jobs Dashboard: You can add a dedicated page to your website for managing job listings without requiring access to the site’s administrative section.
  7. Apply Options: Every listing can be linked to a specific email or webpage, which applicants can utilize to submit their applications.
  8. Job Descriptions: The plugin comes pre-equipped with support for locations, categories, and taxonomies

WP Job Openings Free Features

The following functionalities are incorporated within the no-cost, fundamental variant of the WP Job Openings plugin.

  1. Easy Setup: Setting up process is fast and easy.
  2. Flexible Layouts: The UI is responsive and comes in two layouts – Grid and List.
  3. Search and Filter: Easy search and Ajax-powered filtering system.
  4. JobListing Schema: Designed with Job Listing Schema
  5. Job Specification: Includes an unlimited number of job specifications.
  6. HR Role: You can involve all of the users in your organization’s recruitment process by adding them under the HR Role. Assigned users can view and manage Job Listings and Applications on your website.
  7. WPML Support: Basic WPML support for the free version.
  8. GDPR Ready: The plugin provides a FREE add-on that periodically deletes applicant information, a crucial feature for ensuring your website’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

WP Job Manager Core Add-Ons

WP Job Manager offers paid add-ons for enhanced capabilities.

  1. Applications: This enables candidates to apply for jobs using a form, and it allows employers to view and handle these applications directly from their job dashboard.
  2. Resume Manager: Incorporates a resume submission form into your website and allows for resume listings.
  3. WC Paid Listings: Paid listing functionality powered by WooCommerce. Create customized job packages that can be bought or redeemed at the point of job submission. To utilize this feature, you will need to have the WooCommerce plugin installed.
  4. Job Tags: Display job listings based on their relevant tags and utilize them to search for pertinent job opportunities.
  5. Bookmarks: Allows logged-in candidates and employers to bookmark jobs and resumes. An added feature lets them include a personalized note with each bookmark for future reference.
  6. Job Alerts: Lets registered users save their job searches and create alerts. These alerts send notifications of new job opportunities via email at intervals chosen by the user.
  7. Application Deadline: Allows job listers to specify a closing date for applications.
  8. Simple Paid Listings: Set a price for each listing and require payment, via either Stripe or PayPal, before the job listing is published on your site.
  9. Embeddable Job Widget: This allows you to display a form on your site that users can utilize to create an embeddable job widget. This widget will display job listings from your site when embedded on other platforms or sites.

WP Job Openings Pro Features

For increased functionalities, WP Job Openings provides premium, paid features through its Pro version.

  1. Form Builder: The label in the form builder is utilized to modify the label that is associated with each field in the application form.
  2. Rate Applicants: This allows you to rate applicants on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, based on the specific criteria or parameters that your company is seeking in potential candidates.
  3. Select, Shortlist, or Reject: Provides the capability to categorize applicants into various groups such as new, selected, shortlisted, in-progress, or rejected, as per the recruiter’s discretion and recruitment process flow.
  4. Email Templates: Recruiters can create and save custom email templates. These templates can then be used to send communications to applicants, ensuring consistency and saving time.
  5. Notes Widgets: Display critical, concise, time-sensitive information that doesn’t necessarily fit into a standard post or page.
  6. Activity Tracker: Monitor all activities associated with an application, allowing you to stay updated on its progress and interactions.
  7. Attach Files with Emails: Supports PDF, Doc, Docx, and Rtf files. This option is not limited to just email fields; it can be selected for all fields within the application process.
  8. Shortcode Builder: With an intuitive shortcode builder interface, the plugin allows you to generate and customize your job listing exactly as you prefer.

User Interface

One of WP Job Manager’s most user-friendly aspects is its simple, intuitive interface. For job posters, the frontend job submission form is easy to use and requires minimal instruction. Job seekers will find the interface similarly approachable, with clear job listings and a straightforward application process. It also provides shortcodes, which simplify the process of adding job listings to any part of your website, from a page or post to a sidebar widget. This functionality makes the plugin more flexible and adaptable to your site’s design.

WP Job Manager Interface

WP Job Manager Interface

WP Job Openings also prides itself on offering a user-friendly interface. The plugin simplifies the job posting process, making it easy to get started quickly. Its two display modes for job listings offer flexibility in design, letting you choose the look that best fits your site. The frontend job submission form is simple and intuitive, providing a positive experience for job posters. Job seekers, meanwhile, will appreciate the clear, easy-to-read job listings and straightforward application process.


WP Job Openings Interface


WP Job Manager is built to be compatible. As an open-source plugin, it’s designed to work smoothly with most WordPress themes and plugins. This compatibility means that whether you’re using a free theme or a premium one, WP Job Manager should integrate without any issues. Its shortcode system also enhances this compatibility, as you can easily add job listings to any part of your website. The open-source nature of the plugin means it can be customized extensively to fit your specific needs, and it can integrate with a variety of other plugins to enhance functionality.

WP Job Openings demonstrates excellent compatibility with a wide variety of WordPress themes and plugins. This compatibility is essential in ensuring that the plugin works seamlessly with your site without causing conflicts or issues. Additionally, WP Job Openings is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor


Customizability is one of WP Job Manager’s strongest selling points. The plugin can be tailored extensively to match your needs. Simple changes, such as altering the layout of job listings, can be done directly through your theme. More complex modifications, such as integrating new features or payment systems, can be achieved with the help of the numerous add-ons available. Whether you’re a small business looking to fill a few vacancies or a large recruitment agency managing hundreds of jobs, WP Job Manager can be adjusted to meet your needs.

image 1

WP Job Manager Job Listings in Admin

The customizability offered by WP Job Openings is one of its strong suits. You can easily adjust the look and feel of your job board with the available layouts – Grid and List. The form builder in the Pro version lets you modify the application form fields. The plugin also provides a shortcode builder for creating job listings exactly how you want. With the Pro version, you can use the Custom CSS field in the settings to further style the job listings.

WP Job Openings Application Detail Review

WP Job Openings Application Detail View


WP Job Manager adopts a freemium model. The core plugin, which provides all the basic features necessary to run a job board, is entirely free. This free version can be a perfect solution for businesses on a tight budget or startups that are just testing the waters of running a job board. For more advanced features, WP Job Manager offers premium add-ons at an additional cost. Each add-on is priced individually, allowing you to pick and choose the extra functionality you need without paying for unnecessary features. This model can be more economical for businesses that only require a few additional features. You can view WP Job Manager pricing for more details.

While the basic version of WP Job Openings is free, and it offers sufficient features for a simple job listing site. For more advanced features, you would need to upgrade to WP Job Openings Pro. The Pro version is available in different pricing plans. Visit WP Job Openings pricing plans to know more.

Both plugins offer robust free versions, with the option to extend capabilities through paid versions or add-ons. The choice between the two will depend on the specific requirements of your job board, your budget, and the features you prioritize.

Comparison Table: WP Job Manager VS WP Job Openings

FeatureWP Job ManagerWP Job Openings
InterfaceSimple, user-friendly interfaceResponsive, Grid and List layout options
GDPR ComplianceFree add-on for deleting applicant dataFree add-on for deleting applicant data
Form SubmissionsFront-end form for employersForm for both candidates and employers
CustomizabilityHighly customizable with various filters and actionsHighly customizable with form builder and shortcode builder
Job BookmarkingYes, with an added note featureYes, with an added note feature
Ratings and ReviewsAvailable as a paid add-onIncluded in the Pro version
Job Listing GeneratorIntuitive shortcode builderIntuitive shortcode builder
CompatibilityExcellent with most WordPress themes and pluginsExcellent with most WordPress themes and plugins
PricingFree core plugin with paid add-ons. Core Add-on Bundle starting at $159/yearFree basic version with Pro version starting at $69/year
Quick comparison between wp job manager and wp job openings.

User and Customer Reviews

Feedback from users and customers often gives an invaluable perspective on the usability, functionality, and real-world performance of plugins. Let’s explore what users are saying about both WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings.

WP Job Manager Reviews

WP Job Manager has garnered a lot of praise for its simplicity and ease of use. Users have lauded its intuitive interface that makes job management a breeze, even for those not tech-savvy. The free core plugin is particularly appreciated for its robust features and seamless WordPress integration.

Customers have also praised their responsive customer support, which is a significant aspect of any software tool. However, there are also some concerns about the cost of add-ons, with some users finding them slightly expensive.

Here’s a review from a user n the WordPress Plugin Directory:

“Answered all of our questions in great detail and pointed us in the right direction on how to customize things.”


WP Job Openings Reviews

WP Job Openings has also received positive reviews for its user-friendly interface and the extensive features it offers. Users have appreciated the Grid and List layouts and the ability to involve multiple users in the recruitment process.

Many customers appreciate the GDPR compliance add-on, highlighting the plugin’s commitment to privacy and data protection. The customer service has also been lauded for being prompt and efficient.

However, some users have mentioned the need for more customization options in the free version of the plugin.

A review from a user on the WordPress Plugin Directory states:

“We’ve been using this plugin for a few months now, and it has worked great so far. No complaints. We haven’t upgraded yet to the paid version because we haven’t needed to but may do so in the future if our volume increases.”


These reviews provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of both plugins.

CriteriaWP Job ManagerWP Job Openings
Active Installations100,000+30,000+
Total Reviews229126
Total 5 Stars182116
Average Ratings4.44.9
User Feedback of WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings

Our Recommendation

Selecting the right job listing plugin can greatly influence the functionality of your website and the efficiency of your recruitment process. Both WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings offer a range of powerful features and flexible options to cater to varied needs.

WP Job Manager is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a simple, straightforward plugin that provides solid core functionality. Its high compatibility with WordPress themes and plugins and extensive customizability makes it adaptable for various websites. If you’re operating on a budget but still need robust features, WP Job Manager’s free core plugin can serve your needs well. You can always enhance your functionality with paid add-ons as your requirements evolve.

WP Job Openings, on the other hand, offers a more extensive range of features out-of-the-box, including the unique HR role for recruitment management and GDPR compliance feature. Its grid and list layouts provide visually appealing job listings. If you are ready to invest in advanced features from the onset, WP Job Openings Pro would be a viable option.

While both plugins are well-regarded and offer an array of functionalities, the choice ultimately comes down to your specific needs. Evaluate the features of each plugin against your recruitment objectives, budget, and website design to make an informed decision. Remember, both plugins offer a free version, allowing you to test and see which fits your needs best before committing to a purchase. The best plugin for you will depend on your specific needs, budget, and the features that you prioritize in a job listing plugin.


Efficient online recruitment processes are critical for businesses to attract, manage, and recruit the best talent. WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings, both being popular WordPress plugins, have made it easy for companies to manage job listings directly from their WordPress dashboards. Our comprehensive comparison of these two plugins delves into their core features, user experiences, compatibility, customizability, and pricing, all critical factors in making an informed decision.

WP Job Manager, with its robust core functionalities and high compatibility with WordPress themes and plugins, is ideal for businesses seeking simplicity and convenience. It provides a no-frills, intuitive interface that even non-tech-savvy users can easily navigate. The plugin’s strength lies in its ability to accommodate a wide range of needs through its free core plugin and extensive add-ons. However, while its add-ons enhance functionality significantly, the costs may add up, making it potentially less ideal for those on a tight budget.

On the other side, WP Job Openings steps up the game with more advanced, in-built features such as HR role for recruitment management and GDPR compliance, offered even in its free version. The inclusion of Grid and List layouts make for a more visually appealing and customizable user experience. For businesses seeking more advanced features from the get-go and willing to invest in the Pro version, WP Job Openings could be a more suitable option.

In the end, both WP Job Manager and WP Job Openings are tools designed to make your recruitment process more streamlined and effective. By understanding your needs and experimenting with these plugins, you can choose the tool that will not only help you manage job listings efficiently but also contribute to attracting and recruiting the right talent for your organization. Happy recruiting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a WordPress job board plugin?

A WordPress job board plugin is a digital tool that allows you to add a fully functional job board to your WordPress website, simplifying posting and managing job vacancies.

Why should I integrate a job board plugin on my WordPress site?

A job board plugin can streamline the recruitment process, making it easier to post job vacancies, manage applications, and engage with potential candidates directly through your website.

How does a job board plugin simplify the recruitment process?

Job board plugins automate numerous tasks, including job postings, application reception, candidate screening, and applicant tracking, making the recruitment process more organized and efficient.

Are there financial benefits to using a free WordPress job board plugin?

Utilizing a free job board plugin can eliminate the need for separate job board services or recruitment software, thereby reducing costs associated with recruitment.

What are the leading free WordPress job board plugins in 2023?

Top-rated plugins include WP Job Manager, WP Job Openings, Simple Job Board, Easy.Jobs, and WP Job Portal.

What should I consider when choosing a job board plugin for my WordPress site?

Considerations should include compatibility with your website’s theme, user-friendliness, integration capabilities with social media and other job boards, applicant tracking features, and compliance with legal regulations.

How can I install and configure a job board plugin on my WordPress site?

Most plugins can be installed directly from the WordPress dashboard. After activation, you can customize the job board to meet your recruitment needs.

Can I tailor the job board features of these plugins to fit my specific needs?

Yes, most plugins offer flexible features, allowing you to modify your job board to meet your unique recruitment requirements.

Are these job board plugins compatible with all WordPress themes?

While most plugins are designed to be compatible with any theme, verifying compatibility with your specific theme is advisable.

Do these job board plugins comply with GDPR and other legal requirements?

Many plugins include GDPR-compliance features. However, it is essential to confirm this and ensure responsible candidate data management.