WP Job Manager VS Simple Job Board

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wp job manager vs simple job board

Are you looking to add a job board functionality to your WordPress website, but finding it challenging to decide which plugin to choose? With a myriad of options available, it’s essential to make an informed choice that aligns perfectly with your website’s requirements. In this comprehensive comparison blog post, we’ll explore two popular WordPress plugins designed specifically for job listings: WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board.

Building a successful job board is crucial for website owners, HR professionals, and recruiters aiming to connect employers with the right candidates effectively. WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board both offer an array of features and functionalities to simplify the job listing and application process. But, when its WP Job Manager VS Simple Job Board, Which one caters best to your needs?

Our goal is to provide you with an in-depth analysis of these two plugins, highlighting their unique attributes, strengths, and limitations. By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear understanding of the capabilities each plugin offers, making it easier for you to make the right choice for your WordPress job board.

Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress user or just starting, this comparison will explore the ease of use, customization options, performance, pricing, and more. So, let’s dive in and discover which plugin stands out as the perfect fit for your job listing needs. Whether you’re a small business, a hiring agency, or a multinational corporation, our insights will help you make an informed decision to optimize your job board and streamline the hiring process. Let’s get started!

Overview of WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board

In the world of job listing platforms and HR technology, two standout plugins compatible with WordPress are WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board. These plugins make it easy for businesses, recruiters, and website owners to set up and manage their own job boards, streamlining the process of posting job vacancies and managing applications.

WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is a flexible WordPress job board plugin known for its simplicity and ease of use. Created by Automattic, the same company that developed WordPress.com and WooCommerce, WP Job Manager offers a lightweight, open-source solution that’s powerful enough for both small businesses and larger enterprises.

The plugin provides robust job listing functionality to your WordPress site, turning it into a fully-fledged job board. With features like frontend job and resumes submission, listing management, job alerts, and employer dashboard, WP Job Manager covers all the basic aspects of a job board. In addition, it offers premium add-ons for additional features such as paid listings, resume manager, application deadline, and more, making it a scalable solution for growing businesses.

Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board, on the other hand, is a user-friendly, straightforward job listing plugin designed by PressTigers. It provides an easy-to-use interface that makes setting up a job board on your WordPress site a breeze.

Simple Job Board offers essential features like job listing creation, application management, and customizable job application forms. It doesn’t overwhelm with complex features or settings, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer simplicity or are new to running job boards. The plugin supports multiple job listings and allows you to categorize jobs according to job type, location, or any other way you see fit. While it may not offer as many add-ons as WP Job Manager, Simple Job Board still provides several premium add-ons for extended functionality, like a job importer, application tracking, and private notes.

In essence, both WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board have their unique advantages and are powerful tools in their own right. The choice between the two often comes down to your specific needs, the level of customization you desire, and the resources you have at your disposal. In the next sections, we will delve into a comprehensive comparative analysis of these two prominent plugins.

CriteriaWP Job ManagerSimple Job Board
DeveloperAutomattic (the team behind WordPress.com)PressTigers
Update and SupportRegularRegular
Key FeaturesFrontend job and resumes submissions, Different job types and categories, AJAX-powered job listing systemJob Management, Job Type Specification, Job Location Input,
Category-Specific Shortcode
Additional FeaturesPremium add-ons are available for expanded functionality, such as the Resume Manager, Job Alerts, and Paid ListingsPremium add-ons are available for Mobile App Connector (New), Related Jobs (New), Job Seeker Dashboard (New), Custom Apply Link Add-on (New)
Required WordPress Version6.0 or higher4.4 or higher
Overview of wp job manager and simple job board

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In-Depth Comparison of WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board

When choosing a job board plugin for your WordPress website, it’s essential to understand the unique strengths and potential limitations of your options. WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board are both standout choices, each offering a distinct set of features, user experiences, and customization possibilities. In this section, we will dig deeper into these two popular plugins, comparing their features, ease of use, customization options, pricing, and support.

Free Out-of-the-Box Features

WP Job Manager Free Features

The free, basic version of the WP Job Manager plugin includes the following features.

  1. Search & Filter: Adding searchable and filterable job boards can be accomplished effortlessly using shortcodes.
  2. Frontend Forms: Forms are provided on the frontend for employers to submit and handle their job listings.
  3. RSS Feeds: Job RSS feeds can be customized for subscription purposes or to be showcased on different platforms.
  4. Google Job Schema: Job listings are effortlessly indexed by Google and other search engines for integration into job searches.
  5. Job Listing Pages: Each listing is assigned a unique URL that can be shared, featuring descriptions and personalized details.
  6. Jobs Dashboard: You can add a dedicated page to your website for managing job listings without requiring access to the site’s administrative section.
  7. Apply Options: Every listing can be linked to a specific email or webpage, which applicants can utilize to submit their applications.
  8. Job Descriptions: The plugin comes pre-equipped with support for locations, categories, and taxonomies

Simple Job Board Free Features

The following features are included in the standard version of the Simple Job Board plugin:

  1. Job Management: Add, classify, and control all jobs using WordPress’s detailed User Interface.
  2. Job Type Specification: Give job listers the ability to include job types in their listings.
  3. Job Location Input: Add the job location for each individual job posting.
  4. Category-Specific Shortcode: Use specific shortcodes to include a job listing for a particular category in any post.
  5. Location-Based Shortcode: Use unique shortcodes to incorporate job locations in any post.
  6. Job Type Shortcode: Incorporate job types into any post using specific shortcodes.
  7. Multi-Shortcode Combination: Use a mix of various shortcodes for an individual job listing.
  8. Anti-Hotlinking for Document Security: Utilize the Anti-hotlinking option to boost the safety of your documents.
  9. Diverse Document Uploads: Upload documents in a variety of extensions.
  10. Applicant Overview: View a list of applicants who have applied for a specific job.
  11. Global Settings for Job Listings: Set the job listing, features, application form, filters, and email notifications for a job through global settings.
  12. WPML Compatibility: The Simple Job Board plugin is compatible with WPML starting from version 2.9.0.

WP Job Manager Core Add-Ons

WP Job Manager offers paid add-ons for enhanced capabilities.

  1. Applications: This enables candidates to apply for jobs using a form, and it allows employers to view and handle these applications directly from their job dashboard.
  2. Resume Manager: Incorporates a resume submission form into your website and allows for resume listings.
  3. WC Paid Listings: Paid listing functionality powered by WooCommerce. Create customized job packages that can be bought or redeemed at the point of job submission. To utilize this feature, you will need to have the WooCommerce plugin installed.
  4. Job Tags: Display job listings based on their relevant tags and utilize them to search for pertinent job opportunities.
  5. Bookmarks: Allows logged-in candidates and employers to bookmark jobs and resumes. An added feature lets them include a personalized note with each bookmark for future reference.
  6. Job Alerts: Lets registered users save their job searches and create alerts. These alerts send notifications of new job opportunities via email at intervals chosen by the user.
  7. Application Deadline: Allows job listers to specify a closing date for applications.
  8. Simple Paid Listings: Set a price for each listing and require payment, via either Stripe or PayPal, before the job listing is published on your site.
  9. Embeddable Job Widget: This allows you to display a form on your site that users can utilize to create an embeddable job widget. This widget will display job listings from your site when embedded on other platforms or sites.

Simple Job Board Paid Add-Ons

The Simple Job Board plugin provides a range of paid add-ons that extend the plugin’s capabilities, including:

  1. Mobile App Connector (New): Connect your job board with a mobile application for seamless accessibility on smartphones.
  2. Related Jobs (New): Display similar job postings to enhance job seeker engagement and increase application rates.
  3. Job Seeker Dashboard (New): Allows Job Seekers to create personalized profiles, save their resumes, and establish job preferences.
  4. Custom Apply Link Add-on (New): Allows site administrators or employers to incorporate custom apply links into their job postings.
  5. Custom Redirection (New): Supports hassle-free installation and facilitates the easy redirection of job detail pages, whether to an internal page within the website or an external destination, enhancing user navigation experience.
  6. Job Board Add-on for WPBakery (New): With this add-on, you can style the job listing page and job detail page using the WPBakery page builder.
  7. Job Posting Management: Allows the user to manage their job postings effectively, with automatic re-publish and auto-delete functionalities.
  8. Job Board – Email Notifications Bundle: Incorporates two distinct add-ons – Individual Job Email Notifications and Email Notification Templates.
  9. Remove Job Posted Date: Extends the capability of removing the job posting date for your job post.
  10. Geolocation Job Search: enhances job search capabilities by enabling applicants to search for jobs within a specific radius of a selected location.

User Interface

WP Job Manager is celebrated for its clean, minimalistic, and intuitive user interface. It integrates smoothly with your WordPress site, ensuring a seamless user experience. The process of listing jobs, managing applications, and conducting candidate shortlisting is user-friendly and straightforward, minimizing the learning curve and time taken to accomplish tasks.

WP Job Manager Interface

WP Job Manager Interface

Similarly, the Simple Job Board is known for its clean, uncomplicated, and easy-to-navigate user interface. The plugin simplifies the process of adding and managing job listings, keeping everything well-organized and easy to locate. The entire process of application management can be carried out from within your WordPress dashboard, thereby streamlining your recruitment process.

image 2

Simple Job Board – Job Board Creation


WP Job Manager is developed with a universal design approach, allowing it to work seamlessly with any WordPress theme. This ensures broad compatibility and makes it an excellent choice for a variety of WordPress sites. Furthermore, it also integrates well with a wide range of popular WordPress plugins, providing users with versatile and extended functionality.

Much like WP Job Manager, the Simple Job Board also scores high on compatibility. It performs well with most WordPress themes, thereby ensuring that it can seamlessly blend into your site’s design. Additionally, it supports WPML for multi-language sites, making it a great choice for organizations targeting a diverse audience. A variety of add-ons are available to extend its functionality even further.


WP Job Manager allows users to create detailed, comprehensive job listings with pre-defined fields, ensuring you can capture all the necessary job details. Additionally, it supports front-end forms for guest posting, giving you the flexibility to accept job submissions from other employers or recruiters. A variety of premium add-ons are also available to extend and customize the plugin to match your specific needs.

image 1

WP Job Manager Job Listings in Admin

The Simple Job Board holds its own when it comes to customizability. It provides support for custom application forms, which allows you to gather exactly the kind of information you need from applicants. Additionally, it allows for the creation of job categories and filters, enabling a more organized job listing display and a simplified job search process for job seekers. Customizable email notifications ensure timely communication with applicants. A variety of paid add-ons can also be incorporated to enhance the plugin’s functionality and customize it to better serve your specific needs.

image 3

Simple Job Board – Allow Your User to Change View and Typography of Job-Listing


WP Job Manager offers a free version with core functionality. For more advanced features, there are premium add-ons available for purchase. Pricing for these add-ons varies. Their Core Add-on Bundle starts at $159/year You can view WP Job Manager pricing for more details.

Simple Job Board is available for free, providing a robust set of features to start with. For more advanced capabilities, there are several paid add-ons, with pricing that varies depending on the specific add-on. Visit Simple Job Board WP Repository and click on your desired add-on to view the pricing.

Both WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board offer robust functionalities for managing job listings on WordPress sites. Your choice between the two will depend on your specific needs, including interface preferences, compatibility requirements, customizability needs, and budget constraints.

Comparison Table

CriteriaWP Job ManagerSimple Job Board
User InterfaceClean, intuitiveClean, uncomplicated
CompatibilityHigh; Works with all themes; Broad plugin compatibilityHigh; Works with most themes; WPML compatible
CustomizabilityHigh; Pre-defined fields, front-end forms, multiple add-onsHigh; Custom application forms, categories, filters, email notifications, multiple add-ons
Unique FeaturesSupports guest postingSupport for multi-language sites with WPML
Ease of SetupEasy to install and configureUser-friendly setup process
SupportExtensive documentation and a active community forumExtensive documentation and active support
Job ManagementSimplified job listing and application processingEasy job listing and management from the WordPress dashboard
Multi-Language SupportThrough compatible plugins like WPMLDirect support with WPML
SecurityHigh; Regular updates and security patchesHigh; Regular updates and security patches
Free VersionYes, with core functionalityYes, with basic functionality
Paid VersionCore Add-on Bundle starting at $159/yearAdd-ons starting from $10/year
Comparison between wp job manager and simple job board.

User and Customer Reviews

Insights and reviews from users and customers frequently provide a critical viewpoint on the practical usability, feature-set, and real-world efficacy of plugins. Let us explore the feedback and experiences shared by users of both WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board.

WP Job Manager Reviews

WP Job Manager is often commended for its straightforward and user-friendly approach. Users appreciate its clear-cut interface that simplifies the task of job management, making it accessible even for those with limited technical expertise. The robust functionality of the free core plugin, along with its seamless integration with WordPress, has also won favor with users.

Positive remarks extend to their customer service as well, with users appreciating the responsive and helpful support team. Nonetheless, some reservations have been expressed about the pricing of additional features, as certain users find the cost of add-ons somewhat steep.

Here’s a review from a user on the WordPress Plugin Directory for further insights:

“Not being the most IT savvy, I really value the speed of the response I get when I submit a query. It’s usually something quite simple but they always deliver quickly.”


Simple Job Board Reviews

Simple Job Board receives generally positive feedback from its users and customers. Its user-friendly interface and ease of setup are frequently mentioned in reviews. The availability of basic functions in the free version and the affordability of additional features in paid add-ons are often highlighted as benefits. However, some users have expressed wishes for more built-in features in the free version and have noted that it could offer better customization options.

For a more in-depth perspective, let’s take a look at a review shared by a user on the WordPress Plugin Directory:

“Developer responded to a query very quickly and resolved the issue. For a free plug-in this is excellent.”


Please note that user and customer reviews can vary greatly based on individual needs, expectations, and experiences.

CriteriaWP Job ManagerSimple Job Board
Active Installations100,000+20,000+
Total Reviews229124
Total 5 Stars182108
Average Ratings4.44.7
User Feedback of WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board.

Our Recommendation

Choosing between WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board ultimately depends on your unique needs and expectations. Both plugins provide robust solutions for managing job listings on your WordPress website, with intuitive interfaces, high customizability, and wide-ranging compatibility.

If you’re looking for a job management plugin with robust free core functionalities and are willing to pay for premium add-ons for advanced capabilities, WP Job Manager might be your choice. It’s particularly known for its ease of use and seamless integration with WordPress. Additionally, it’s been praised for excellent customer service, which can be crucial for resolving any technical issues.

On the other hand, if affordability and scalability are your top priorities, Simple Job Board may be a more suitable choice. It offers a solid set of basic features in the free version, and you can choose from a variety of affordable add-ons to expand its functionality as your needs grow. It also provides support for multi-language sites, which could be a deciding factor if you’re running an international business.

Both plugins have their strengths, and the choice between them will depend on your specific requirements. We recommend trying out the free versions of both WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board to see which one fits your needs the best. Be sure to explore the features in detail and consider how well each plugin would integrate with your existing setup and future growth plans.


Choosing the right job management plugin for your WordPress website is not a decision to be taken lightly. It can significantly influence your website’s functionality, the experience it offers to users, and the ease with which you manage job listings. In this regard, both WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board have established themselves as strong contenders, each presenting a unique blend of features, usability, and pricing structures.

WP Job Manager stands out with its comprehensive core functionalities that come free of charge, and the option of advanced capabilities through premium add-ons. It is lauded for its seamless integration with WordPress, making it a fitting choice for those who prefer a smooth, intuitive experience. Furthermore, it’s known for its responsive customer support, a critical aspect when it comes to resolving any issues or queries that might arise in using the plugin.

On the flip side, Simple Job Board is recognized for its scalability and affordability. It offers a solid set of features in the free version, allowing you to keep costs low while still managing your job listings effectively. As your needs grow, you can enhance its functionality through affordable add-ons. Additionally, it directly supports multi-language sites, an attribute that could be the deciding factor for businesses with a global or multilingual audience.

In conclusion, the ultimate decision between WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board hinges on your specific requirements, budget, and plans for the future. We strongly encourage you to explore the free versions of both plugins. This way, you can personally assess the interfaces, test the features, and gauge which plugin would integrate better with your existing site structure and future growth expectations. We wish you all the best in your exploration and decision-making process!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a WordPress job board plugin?

A WordPress job board plugin is a digital tool that allows you to add a fully functional job board to your WordPress website, simplifying posting and managing job vacancies.

Why should I integrate a job board plugin on my WordPress site?

A job board plugin can streamline the recruitment process, making it easier to post job vacancies, manage applications, and engage with potential candidates directly through your website.

How does a job board plugin simplify the recruitment process?

Job board plugins automate numerous tasks, including job postings, application reception, candidate screening, and applicant tracking, making the recruitment process more organized and efficient.

Are there financial benefits to using a free WordPress job board plugin?

Utilizing a free job board plugin can eliminate the need for separate job board services or recruitment software, thereby reducing costs associated with recruitment.

What are the leading free WordPress job board plugins in 2023?

Top-rated plugins include WP Job Manager, WP Job Openings, Simple Job Board, Easy.Jobs, and WP Job Portal.

What should I consider when choosing a job board plugin for my WordPress site?

Considerations should include compatibility with your website’s theme, user-friendliness, integration capabilities with social media and other job boards, applicant tracking features, and compliance with legal regulations.

How can I install and configure a job board plugin on my WordPress site?

Most plugins can be installed directly from the WordPress dashboard. After activation, you can customize the job board to meet your recruitment needs.

Can I tailor the job board features of these plugins to fit my specific needs?

Yes, most plugins offer flexible features, allowing you to modify your job board to meet your unique recruitment requirements.

Are these job board plugins compatible with all WordPress themes?

While most plugins are designed to be compatible with any theme, verifying compatibility with your specific theme is advisable.

Do these job board plugins comply with GDPR and other legal requirements?

Many plugins include GDPR-compliance features. However, it is essential to confirm this and ensure responsible candidate data management.