Review Applicants

The review feature is available to website admins and HR admins. Any other user role will not have access to the applicant management section unless they are granted custom access.


The applicants stay in the qualified section under the candidates tab by default after applying to the job post. You can move them to any stage by clicking the dropdown option on the right. There is no requirement to move through each of the hiring stages.


To move someone to the disqualified section, you need to go under the specific stage, like Assessment or Interview, and then click on the circle icon to move them to the disqualified list.

Moving in different stages

If you want to move anyone back or forth between any stage of the recruitment process, you can simply use the dropdown. You will get a confirmation prompt before a candidate is moved permanently.

Making comments

This feature is not available in the free plugin. You have to purchase the premium extension. After installing the Premium extension, you will see a message bubble icon at the top of the candidate profile. You can click on that, and a text area will appear for you to write a comment. If you collaborate with other team members on the assessment process, they can see your comments. You can even leave notes for yourself to come back later and keep things organized.

When you’re reviewing the job posts, you will see that there is a pool of candidates in every step of the hiring process. If you change the tabs at the top, the pool of candidates for that stage will change. You can mark them qualified and disqualified, send emails asking for more details and schedule interviews from here.

Adding candidates manually

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