Custom Fields

This is a premium feature and available in the paid plans only.

You can ask different questions to the applicants to have a better context and feed the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) some pre-formatted data. These questions appear when the audience clicks on the apply now button. These questions become a part of the job application form.

For now, we are releasing only the fields without any points or ATS feature. These features will be added later.

Currently, we support these input types –

  • Paragraph
  • Date
  • Short Answer
  • Multiple Choice
  • Single Choice
  • Dropdown

Every question have the feature to mark them as required.

The date type answer will follow the default date format you’re using on your WordPress settings.

For multiple choice questions, there will be input field to add options.

After you have completed adding the answers and creating the question, you can save and duplicate if needed. You can also arrange questions buy drag and dropping. To do that you have to hold on to the 6 dots on the left side of the question and drag it where you like.

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