We offer both free and premium add-ons inside our plugin. You can use these add-ons to enable and disable additional features inside the CrewHRM interface.

Free Add-ons

Google reCAPTCHA

This add-on helps you to add the spam and bot protection within the CrewHRM system. It especially helps with the job post submissions so that no one can abuse the application forms.

Please enable this feature from the add-ons screen to see the option in the settings field. If the add-on is not enable, the settings will not appear. If you already have a mechanism on your site to protect from spam and bots, then you do not need to use this feature. For example, if you have spam protection enabled from DNS level using Cloudflare Turnstile, then this feature is not needed.


To configure this feature, please navigate to CrewHRM > Settings > reCAPTCHA. You will need to input the Site Key and Secret Key from your Google reCAPTCHA settings and click save.

Now the protection will work on login, registration, job post submission and any other page the system needs.

Premium Addons

Custom Fields

This add-on does not require any configuration at this moment. You can just enable it from the add-on screen and start adding custom questions on the job application form.


This feature adds email communication feature in the system It does not need any configuration. It works out of the box and uses the email addresses you have added on the company settings in the “from” field. If you want to change the from email, please change it from the company settings.

The email functionality helps while reviewing the candidates to get additional information if required.

Zoom Integration

Google Meet Integration

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